Economic Development

I support tax increment financing to help with economic 

development in downtown High Point. 

Public Transportation

  • Expand the hours 

  • Increase the amount of routes


Decreasing poverty is a complex issue we must tackle from multiple angles. My plan is to invest in education, transportation and our people.

  • $15 starting wage for EMT's and School Support Staff

Fiscal Responsibility

As a former financial advisor, I know how to get the most out of every dollar. My goal is to cut taxes when possible and to only raise taxes when necessary


  • Our schools have over $1 Billion in infrastructure needs. We must put a bond on the ballot to tackle this issue. 

  • Every school employee should earn a livable wage

  • Fund after school transportation so all students have the ability to participate in tutoring and after school activities. 

  • GTCC FREE for 2 years for all GCS graduates 

       *Would cost less than 2% of the budget. 


One thing I have heard from many people in the community is that they want more transparency. I'll always be willing to answer the tough questions and attend meetings that some of our current elected officials have been dodging. I plan to keep my constituents informed regularly though social media. I also think a great idea that would have little to no cost would be to live stream the public meetings on facebook so those who can not be there physically at the meetings, can still stay informed. 

Women and Minority Businesses

Women and Minority owned businesses only received 5% of county contracts. We must address this issue and provide equity to these demographics. In my first month I will meet with the WMBE coordinator and those who award contracts to find out why this is occurring. My goal is to see that number tripled by the end of 2021. 


I decided to run for County Commissioner because my friends are being killed, my students aren't getting an equitable education and the people I love are having to choose between food or medicine. 

Gun violence, opioids, under performing schools and a lack of jobs that pay a livable wage are nothing new to our community. I know because I grew up here.


I've fought for school safety improvements at school board meetings. I've fought for living wages at commissioner meetings. I've protested wages and education funding at the State Capital. Now, I'm fighting for the ability to be your commissioner, so that we can create a community where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. 


(336) 870-7217 | | P.O. Box 16061 High Point, NC 27261